ProRide Traction Pads for Onewheel


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ProRide Traction Pads, by ProRide USA, make an incredible experience even better by introducing surf style grip to the Onewheel. ProRide's Traction Pad system is the original surf style grip for the Onewheel and the perfect combination of comfort and function for the foot pads of your Onewheel.

Comfort and control:

ProRide Traction Pads are unique because they introduce the most cushioned and comfortable feel to the foot pads of your Onewheel. The combination between the soft feel of the surf style foam and diamond grip design is the ultimate fusion of comfort and control. Whether you're barefoot or riding with shoes, ProRide Traction Pads are designed and tested to relieve foot fatigue without compromising performance.

The rear pad utilizes a large kick at the end of the tail to encourage better board control, allowing you to rip aggressive turns.

Ready to equip:

ProRide Tractions Pads are cut to the exact specs of your Onewheel+ stock foot pads, Onewheel+ XR stock foot pads, or OneTail+. ProRide Traction Pads install just like grip tape onto your foot pad. Just peel and stick!


  • Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Green, and Pink
  • Lightweight Diamond Grip Foam
  • 20mm Rear Kick with Beveled Corners
  • 3M High Grade Adhesive
  • Soft Comfortable Ride


IMPORTANT: If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with OneTail+, please select "Yes" on the Compatible with OneTail+ drop down menu before adding this item to cart.

ProRide Traction Pads are compatible with the Onewheel+ stock foot pads, Onewheel+ XR stock foot pads, and OneTail+. ProRide Traction Pads are not designed for the original Onewheel's stock foot pads.

This product comes with:

  • One set of ProRide Traction Pads (2 pads, front and rear, for 1 Onewheel)
  • Installation and Removal Instructions
  • ProRide and Craft&Ride Stickers


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