TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape

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Ready to ship

TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is designed with intense Onewheel riding in mind. It is more coarse than our other grip tape options in order to be the ultimate option for riding on trails. TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is the perfect medium between Vicious grip tape and regular skateboard grip tape.

Ready to equip:

TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is cut to the exact specs of your stock Onewheel foot pads. Just peel and stick!


TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is coarse enough to keep your feet locked in during intense trail rides, yet forgiving enough to allow for small foot adjustments.


IMPORTANT: If you would like to use this grip tape on your OneTail Classic, please select "Yes" under the Compatible with OneTail Classic drop down menu.

TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is compatible with the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR. TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape is not compatible with the original Onewheel or OneTail+.

    This product comes with:

    • One set of TFL Onewheel+ & XR Grip Tape (2 pieces of grip tape, front and rear, for 1 Onewheel)
    • Craft&Ride Stickers

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    36 reviews
    Never stops amazing me!

    This is hands down one of my favorite company’s of all time. Always communicating and helping this community grow! Highest quality products and at best price! You can’t beat craft&ride🏄‍♂️🤙🏼

    Onewheel + C&R = ❤

    Top of the line, game changing products for every generation of the Onewheel!
    The customer service is unmatched and shipping is quicker than you can fathom.
    Multiple times I've placed an order and had a tracking number within the same hour, ridiculous!
    Father/son duo grinding hard to make the Onewheel, and it's community the best it can be.

    You guys make the best items for one wheel period.

    You guys make the best items for one wheel period.

    Outstanding customer service!

    Outstanding customer service! I've purchased a few items from Craft&Ride. I received my latest order last weekend from them and it was defective. I contacted them on a Sunday and they promptly answered. I just received a replacement and can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you Craft&Ride!

    Excellent people.

    Excellent people. Love em, quality parts. Float on.