Craft&Ride Christmas Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of the Craft&Ride Christmas Giveaway of 2018:

OneTail+ Concave Foot Pad: mrviolentdelight
OneTail Classic Concave Foot Pad: @sugarmuffin77
Cobra Grip Concave Foot Pad: Ben Mears
ProRide Traction Pads: teo.vigny
SilverHandle: morgiefied
Superow Onewheel Backpack: phillippasqualini
Craft&Ride Magnetic Carbon Fiber Fender: terry.coronella
Craft&Ride Bolt-On Carbon Fiber Fender: paulriolait
Float Sidekicks: @vincevaughn
Rail Wraps: mgpstearns
Float Plates: Matte Demontegre
Float Fender: valavieh
Craft&Ride Trunk Stand: yoppy357ae
Craft&Ride X The Float Life Foundation Stand: Caleb Catron
Anchor Stand: reid.brozek
Onewheel_ & XR Grip Tape: moveassistuk
TFL Grip Tape: snakeisaac
Triple 8 Helmet: ashpoblete
Triple 8 Wrist Guards: @dixynormis
Onewheel And Destroy T-Shirt & Socks Pack: ebucksreed
Craft&Ride Onewheel Plus Enamel Pin: jeffdemaria


Craft&Ride Reviews

Reviews From Our Valued Customers

36 reviews
Never stops amazing me!

This is hands down one of my favorite company’s of all time. Always communicating and helping this community grow! Highest quality products and at best price! You can’t beat craft&ride🏄‍♂️🤙🏼

Onewheel + C&R = ❤

Top of the line, game changing products for every generation of the Onewheel!
The customer service is unmatched and shipping is quicker than you can fathom.
Multiple times I've placed an order and had a tracking number within the same hour, ridiculous!
Father/son duo grinding hard to make the Onewheel, and it's community the best it can be.

You guys make the best items for one wheel period.

You guys make the best items for one wheel period.

Outstanding customer service!

Outstanding customer service! I've purchased a few items from Craft&Ride. I received my latest order last weekend from them and it was defective. I contacted them on a Sunday and they promptly answered. I just received a replacement and can't say enough positive things about this company. Thank you Craft&Ride!

Excellent people.

Excellent people. Love em, quality parts. Float on.