Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel Pint™

The Float Life

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The Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel Pint™, developed by The Float Life is the newest foot pad for the Pint. The Kush Nug enhances the Onewheel Pint by replacing the existing rear foot pad with a soft concave foot pad for increased comfort and control.

Soft Cushion:

The Kush Nug for Onewheel Pint is poured from an 80A durometer urethane which establishes a softness similar to a soft skateboard wheel. This foot pad is forgiving under-foot and has just enough give to make foot fatigue a thing of the past without sacrificing responsiveness.

Perfect Concave Blend:

The Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad features a nice mellow concave that isn’t too aggressive so you can lock your foot and still have a nice sole-hugging platform for those long mile expeditions and late night curb sessions! The Float Life also dipped a sweet little lock-in pocket in the rear kick tail for those of you that ride with your rear foot completely back. The kick tail is completely uniform in height to the stock front foot pad to bring a more uniform aesthetic to your OW. The edges are rounded with a fat bevel to ensure your foot remains comfortable regardless of its placement.

Lo vs Hi:

There are two models of the Kush Nug! The "Lo" model has a mellow concave shape, while the "Hi" has even more concave, more kick, and a wider surface area (great for riders with larger feet).

Extra Durable:

This is the most durable foot pad ever made. The urethane will never chip, crack, break, or snap, guaranteed. The underside bumper nut inserts were poured directly into the mold so they will never spin out on you. The Float Life also added an extra screw attachment point to the top of the foot pad to reduce thread stripping due to shear stress on rear-end crashes.

Upgraded Grip Tape:

Every Kush Nug comes with a special cut TFL Grip Tape pre-applied. The Float Life also include an extra sheet of regular cut TFL Grip Tape so you can match your front foot pad with your rear Kush Nug.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR No
Onewheel Pint
Onewheel+ No
Original Onewheel No

The Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad is compatible with the Onewheel Pint. The Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad is not compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, or original Onewheel.

The Kush Nug is compatible with all fenders, including the stock Onewheel fender and Flight Fender.

This product comes with:

  • One Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel Pint™
  • One extra piece of TFL Grip Tape for your front foot pad
  • Installation hardware
  • Kush Nug and Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Install of the Nug was simple and straight forward. The front grip wasn't too tough, but since I was going without instructions I almost removed my front sensors.
I'm pretty impressed with the difference the Nug hi makes for control and the new grip tape makes for feeling locked in. Well worth the money. Wish I would have gotten the Kush Nug hi the day I got my Pint. I'm hoping C&R comes up with a Kush Nug front pad soon cuz I'll be all over it.


Tried other footpads for Pint but the Hi Kush made me feel like I was on my XR. Shoe size 11.5, would recommend this over other footpad for riders with bigger feet.


I recently added the Kush Hi to my One Wheel Pint. I'm a newbie, but its definitely an improvement over the stock pad. Better grip. Better padding. More foot space. I wear a size 13 shoe and the extra space this pad offers is totally worth it. If you have smaller feet, I wouldn't say it's a necessity unless you simply want to upgrade. Also, I can't tell whether or not the concave helps, but professionals say it does. It was definitely worth the money for me. I dont get much foot fatigue in my rear foot (compared to my front foot) and I'm sure it's because of the Kush Hi.

Great for control and stability BUT..... a little more Kush factor would be nice!

The grip is amazing for stability and manoeuvrability! The concave design helps with control, especially when carving, which gives you added confidence... The only downside is I am not feeling the added "Kush" factor. I haven't really felt any noticeable decrease in foot fatigue, in fact for me personally, the concave design may not be the best thing as I have flat feet and it seems to create a new kind of foot fatigue, as there is less support for your arch. I have tried different shoes with harder and softer soles but I am not feeling the "Kush"... Maybe I should have gone for the Kush Nug Hi version??

Better Control/Less Foot Fatigue

Kush Nug is a great concave foot pad that reduces foot fatigue and allows you to have better control! Easy install and it even comes with new grip-tape for the front pad! Super grippy for better control and carving.


Kush Nug Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel Pint™

Kush Nug - Pint

Didn't think there would be much of a difference but you can really get in deeper on the carves. I think you get about 20% more control too.

It honestly should have shipped this way.

Worth it

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