Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint™


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The Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint™ is the original foldable backpack specifically designed for your Onewheel Pint and accessories! The Superow Backpack is the most affordable bag on the Onewheel market.


The Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint is equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the Onewheel Pint perfectly and allow for comfortable transport. A padded PVC layer supports the spine of the backpack for increased comfortability. A chest strap is also equipped to minimize the movement of the Onewheel Pint when in use. The backpack features a premium handle that allows you to conveniently and comfortably pick up your Onewheel Pint on the go.

Built to Last:

The Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint is designed with the outdoors in mind. The backpack is constructed with beautiful hard-wearing charcoal fabric that has been finished with a hydrophobic treatment. High-quality waterproof zippers are equipped to protect against the weather. Cushioned padding envelops the backpack for extreme comfort. Superow double and triple-reinforced weight-bearing areas with bar tracks and extra stitchings. MOLLE straps outline the exterior of the backpack to attach your helmet and other accessories. Protect your investment at all costs.


Each Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint comes with a shoulder-sling carrying case. The backpack is designed to fold into this small carrying case when you are not using it with your Onewheel Pint. When you are using your Superow Backpack, you can wear the carrying case across your body to carry your phone, wallet, and other accessories. The carrying case also features Velcro to equip custom patches.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR No
Onewheel Pint Yes
Onewheel+ No
Original Onewheel No

This Superow Backpack is only compatible with the Onewheel Pint. This Superow Backpack is not compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, or original Onewheel.

If you are looking for the Superow Backpack for Onewheel+ XR™, click here.

This is the only backpack designed with aftermarket accessories in mind. This backpack is compatible with all fenders, foot pads, and Flight Fins. You can store your Onewheel Pint charger inside a pocket on your backpack as well.

It is equipped with fender cutouts that can be easily opened to increase storage space for Flight Fins and other fender attachments. It is also equipped with foot pad cutouts that can be easily opened to increase storage space for larger/extended foot pads. We also included an external pocket to store your Onewheel Pint charger and other goods like your phone and wallet.

This product comes with:

  • 1 Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint™
  • 1 shoulder-sling carrying case
  • Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
do you have a PINT? ... this is a must have!

extremely good quality, robust material, modern and functional design, many attachment options and pockets.
customer service and quick response couldn't be better.

thanks to the whole craft & ride team


Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint™

Solid bag!

This is a high quality backpack, and the fact that it can fold up and fit into a fanny pack makes it even cooler.

Perfect Gift For My Daughter’s Pint

I bought this for my daughter so she could ride her Pint to school and then pack it up to store in her locker. She loved it! I also plan to use it when I travel so I can bring her Pint on the plane.

Excellent quality, workmanship, material

Very durable backpack with small waist pouch you can use while riding the Onewheel...great idea folks, thank you!

Great backpack for Pint, with just a few room for improvements!

The backpack fits the Pint with the stock fender perfectly. I think it'd also be useful when I want to have the Pint "covered up" while charging at a coffee shop etc. I do have a few feedback about the bag for possible improvements though. 1) I was very annoyed when the chest strap came apart from the shoulder strap the first time I put on the bag with Pint. The strap uses a plastic clasp/buckle to attach to the "lined" portion of the shoulder strap. I can imagine that it was intentionally designed this way so that the chest strap can be adjusted to different height position along the shoulder strap. I wish that either fit between the the "curved" shape of the shoulder strap and the "straight" shape of the plastic clasp would be better, or that the wire used inside the shoulder strap (where chest strap would clasp onto) is slightly larger/wider in diameter so that the clasp wouldn't come off when pulled at an angle. My current solution is "always use the shoulder strap if I need to adjust the position of the pack (while on ground or when picking up)."
2) Wish there was another pocket for additional storage. There's only one pocket at one end of the pack so that even after putting in the Ultracharger it doesn't leave much space for wrist guard, the Craft&Ride fanny pack and other items I may want to bring along.
3) While the bag sits nicely along my spine and it's padded a little for comfort, It would also be nice to have an option of a waist strap for a better weight distribution/support. And I'll probably DIY this waist strap.

Otherwise, it's a great product. And It was shipped out in a timely manner! Thanks, Craft&Ride!!

Superow pint backpack

Backpack is legit! Comes with all the bells and whistles. Heavy duty and well designed backpack!

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Excellent products, even better customer service

Great design with their products, in particular the magnetic fender. The customer service is top-notch and very accessible!

Burris :) is the best :)

very nice tire, after a few meters feel better than vega

Perfect customer support/love

We can’t rave about this company enough! Product and customer service is A+. Will buy from them again in a heart beat. Love!

Top Notch customer service

Had a great experience with customer support with Craft & Ride! Other companies could learn a lot from these guys! Inovative Products to boot.

Phenomenal Customer Service & Great Products!!

I was super excited to be able to place my first order during Craft & Ride's great Black Friday sale which included a site-wide discount as well as free international shipping which can be prohibitively expensive normally. Due to a couple issues with the order there ended up being more back-and-forth than would usually be the case. Nick was super quick to respond, provide updates, and remedy issues.

Overall I am super happy with the products I ordered and the amazing customer service. I would highly recommend ordering from here!!