Flexmeter Double-Sided Wrist Guards D3O for Onewheel™


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It is extremely important that every rider wears safety gear when riding Onewheel. Craft&Ride has become an official dealer of Flexmeter products in order to ensure our customers are safe and have a variety of options to choose from when looking for the perfect safety gear.

Comfort and protection:

  • Flexmeter Double-Sided Wrist Guards are the most premium form of protection for your wrists while riding Onewheel.
  • Assure wrist protection, while allowing full mobility of your wrists
  • The Single-Sided Flexmeter has a single dorsal support that sits on top of your arm and wrist. The support is strapped securely with three individual straps.
  • Designed by physicians, engineers and trauma specialists
  • The Flexmeter Wrist Guard is a dorsal protection worn on the back of the wrist which disperses initial impact loads up the forearm by transferring the energy. You can kind of compare it to a shock on a car. When you hit a bump the force is absorbed by the shocks. The Flexmeter Wrist Guard is designed the same way. As your wrist is impacted the plastic shields and straps act like a shock to absorb the impact and energy.
  • With Flexmeter Wrist Guards, the hands and fingers are prevented from being outstretched and are therefore not subject to a reverse extension injury.


  • Now Integrated with D3O Impact Protection
  • Triple Wrap security straps and easily fits under gloves.
  • Patented Flexmeter physician developed wrist protective technology.
  • Laboratory tested and proven protection. Doctor recommended.

    Perfect fit:

    To ensure a perfect wrist guard fit, measure around your hand from the inside of the thumb to determine the width of the hand. Once measured, refer to the size chart below to confirm the size that fits best. Please refer to the product image of the sizing chart and diagram.

    S: 6.3-6.8 in
    M: 6.9-7.87 in
    L: 8.2> in

    This product comes with:

    • One pair of Flexmeter Double-Sided Wrist Guards D3O
    • Craft&Ride Stickers

    Customer Reviews

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    These wrist guards saved me on my day one fall!
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    Love them!!
    Best wrist guards for real protection
    THE BEST Wrist Guards! Hands-down!

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