Onewheel Events | Craft&Ride® Events Calendar

Welcome to the official Craft&Ride Events Calendar, the only place where you can find information on all Onewheel events, festivals, races, and group rides. We'll be adding more events to the calendar throughout the year. Want to add your Onewheel event, festival, race, or group ride to our calendar? Please contact us to be added. No event is too small.

Riding alongside other riders in groups will elevate your experience, introduce you to new friends, and unlock a higher level of fun. Our goal is to not only introduce thousands of riders to these incredible Onewheel events, but to introduce the world to the joy of riding Onewheel. Together, we can achieve this and make the world a happier and more connected place. Craft&Ride is a proud sponsor of Onewheel Racing League sanctioned events and more.