Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire for Onewheel™

Burris Racing

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Craft&Ride is proud to partner with Burris Racing to introduce the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 Treaded Tire for your Onewheel. Experience a completely new ride with the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire.

The Treaded Design:

The Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire is the ultimate tire for riding off-road with your Onewheel! The treaded design of the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 offers extreme control on and off-road and the center rib design enhances stability throughout all environments. The tread of this tire is designed further up the sidewall for extreme traction and smooth carving on trails. The sidewalls are also enhanced to ensure superb durability. Now you can carve faster, climb higher, and shred harder than ever before with the Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint No
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel Yes

The Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, and original Onewheel. The Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire is not compatible with the Onewheel Pint.

The Hoosier 10.5 x 4.5-6 Slick Tire for the Onewheel Pint is now available here.

COMING SOON: Burris tires for the Onewheel Pint are coming soon. To be notified of the release of Burris tires for the Onewheel Pint, please contact us here or join our mailing list at the bottom of our website.

Tire Sealant:

We recommend using tire sealant when installing your new tire. Prevent against flats with Slime Tire Sealant.

This product comes with:

  • One Burris 11 x 6.0-6 TX-33 Treaded Tire
  • Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Great carving tire on and off road

This is a great carving tire both on and off road. The edge to edge feel is awesome and with the treads it gives you the confidence needed for off road carves.

So rad!

Rad all the way around

Cool new tire

The Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire for Onewheel™ was a great replacement for my original onewheel tire that started showing metal around 1400 miles. The new tire changed the ride of the onewheel xr making it carve easier than a stock Pint. I have not seen a change in overall mileage yet. I was able to change the tire at home with no special tools after watching several youtube videos.

Great new tire

Replaced the stock tire, now able to ride steeper gravel trails, grass, asphalt with sand etc. Turning went from 4 foot circles to 12 inch circles . No worries about sand or gravel on the edge of the road.
Rides anything love it, recommend it to anyone

Significant upgrade on stock vega!

Title says it all! Very worthwhile upgrade over the vega. Feels more carry but also more confidence inspiring! Would recommend to any XR owner. Very fast shipping to Scotland too!

Burris 11 is AWESOME

Going from the standard Vega tire to the Burris 11 is such a different riding experience! While riding the Vega I used to "slip out" many times going through grass or terrain. The Burris has NO ISSUES getting through different terrain and even shreds through the snow surprisingly well! It does take a sec to get used to the "rumble" of the treaded tire vs slick while riding, but you get used to it very fast. I have put maybe 100 miles on it so far and have had no issues. Would recommend for sure.

Really good

Gives a bit tighter of a turning circle than the base tire. Haven't noticed much of a difference on the treads yet.

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Best m Craft and Ride makes great products and had great support.. CEO will answer any questions, awesome guy!
I've got an XR and so happy to add
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Mag Fender
Tried OneTail classic (awesome)
Note using OneTail Extreme (Best!)

Great products!

There products are well made and crafty! Customer service is outstanding. Already contimplating my next purchase.

Excellent products, even better customer service

Great design with their products, in particular the magnetic fender. The customer service is top-notch and very accessible!

Burris :) is the best :)

very nice tire, after a few meters feel better than vega

Perfect customer support/love

We can’t rave about this company enough! Product and customer service is A+. Will buy from them again in a heart beat. Love!