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    Reviews From Our Valued Customers

    146 reviews
    Hands Down BEST 3rd party vendor I can think of! Buy from Craft&Ride!

    First off... I want to personally Thank Nick Vitale for his EPIC work. He is truly an Inspiration to me for what he does... I wish to follow his path at becoming a successful business owner and one day, I will be proud to have done that as well! Nick will go OUT OF HIS way to make sure his customers are happy! He has gone out of his way for me and I am a super stoked customer!! Shop Craft&Ride and support this awesome company, who knows what the future holds for them :) I sure hope to be around to see!!

    A mazing

    Outstanding customer service! . Thank you Craft&Ride! Excellent job

    Bar none best service and quality

    Nick fulfills orders and keeps you in the loop across all platforms for the latest and greatest. He stands behind the products and makes sure you’re 100% satisfied, start to finish. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else

    C&R Bolt on fender and onetail+

    In my experience, the C&R bolt on fender is strong and a must have over the stock FM fender. I have bashed it so many times and except for some scratches, the fender is like new. Similarly, the Onetail+ provides for me comfort and a enjoyable ride experience. Fast and professional customer service, I will definately purchase from Craft & Ride again.

    Never stops amazing me!

    This is hands down one of my favorite company’s of all time. Always communicating and helping this community grow! Highest quality products and at best price! You can’t beat craft&ride🏄‍♂️🤙🏼