Superow Backpack for Onewheel™


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The Superow Backpack for Onewheel+ XR™ is the original foldable backpack specifically designed for your Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR! The Superow Backpack is the most affordable bag on the Onewheel market.

New Graphite Grey Colorway:

You've asked and we've delivered! The beautiful graphite grey construction of our Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint is now available for the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR. You can choose either the "No" or "Yes" option in combination with the "Graphite Grey" colorway and you will receive the exact same Graphite Grey backpack regardless of whether you choose "No" or "Yes."

The Graphite Grey backpack is constructed with beautiful hard-wearing charcoal fabric that has been finished with a hydrophobic treatment. High-quality waterproof zippers are equipped to protect against the weather. Cushioned padding envelops the backpack for extreme comfort. Superow double and triple-reinforced weight-bearing areas with bar tracks and extra stitchings. MOLLE straps outline the exterior of the backpack to attach your helmet and other accessories. Protect your investment at all costs.


The Superow Backpack for Onewheel is equipped with backpack-style shoulder straps that distribute the weight of the Onewheel perfectly and allow for comfortable transport. With the shape of the Onewheel, some sideways movement is unavoidable. We added a chest strap to minimize the movement when in use. The Superow Backpack for Onewheel also features a leather handle that allows you to conveniently pick up your Onewheel.

Built to Last:

The Superow Backpack for Onewheel is designed with the outdoors in mind. The Superow Backpack is constructed with beautiful hard wearing 1680-denier ballistic nylon. Superow double and triple-reinforced weight-bearing areas with bar tracks and extra stitchings. The back of the bag is fused with stiffer PVC material to allow for a more comfortable user experience. High-quality zippers are equipped with hoods to protect against the weather. Protect your investment at all costs!


The Superow Backpack for Onewheel is designed to fold into a small carrying case when you are not protecting your Onewheel. The two belt loops and carabiners of the carrying case allow you to go anywhere with your Superow Backpack at your side. The carrying case also features Velcro to equip custom patches.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint No
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel Yes

The Superow Backpack is designed with the market in mind. This backpack is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel+ (and the original Onewheel if you purchase the "Graphite Grey" version). This backpack is not compatible with the Onewheel Pint, but the Superow Backpack for Onewheel Pint is available here.

If you have an original Onewheel (V1), we recommend to purchase the "Graphite Grey" version for the best fit. It is also compatible with Flight Fins and other fender accessories with its sleek fender cutouts.

The "Graphite Grey" version is also equipped with foot pad cutouts that can be easily opened to increase storage space for larger/extended foot pads. We also included an external pocket to store your Onewheel+ or Onewheel+ XR charger and other goods like your phone and wallet.

If you would like your backpack to be compatible with the OneTail+ or Cobra Pad, select "Compatible with OneTail+ or Cobra Pad: Yes." If you'd like your backpack to be compatible with the stock foot pad, the OneTail Extreme, the OneTail Classic, the Kush Pad, or the Kush Hi Pad, select "Compatible with OneTail+ or Cobra Pad: No."

This product comes with:

  • One Superow Backpack for Onewheel+ XR™
  • One carrying case with two belt loops and carabiners
  • One waist/shoulder strap for the carrying case
  • Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
I’m impressed

The quality for the price is amazing. Weight distribution is probably the best it’s gonna get in a backpack. Just a bit worried about possible abrasion when it comes to the grip taped foot pads and the inside of the bag.

Seper backpack!

Seper backpack, very practical when you have to transport your onewheel, the Craft&Ride service is perfect as always !!!

Backpack :)

the backpack fits great - together with the fangs mini and footpad onetail extreme :) and the children discovered new pockets;)

Perftect Fit

I recently ordered the Superow Backpack, SilverHandle, and a charge plug. All are fantastic. The carry handle is a must! No more awkwardness of trying to carry it lengthwise. Side handles should be a standard product for all OW owners. The backpack is a perfect snug fit for the OW. Perfect for trips where you need to keep your Wheel protected (and other items in your trunk protected from IT). Although the OW is pretty heavy to lug around even on your back....and with the rail of the OW resting on your spine it isn't recommended for lengthy carries. Overall I am pleased with the purchase. I am SUPER impressed with the speedy delivery and service of C&R however. Keep up the awesome work, products, and service. Thanks for adding to the stoke!


After taking my Onewheel to the backpack, it's really fit and carry so easy.
I'm really like this product, I have to say "thumb up".

Almost perfect

The backpack is absolutely nice and sturdy. I feel it a little thin (maybe thicker could be even more durable), but it is amazing. The grey colour is really nice.

The only thing that I can say is mine, just came a little bit unravel in some joints. I am almost sure it is just I had bad luck.

I bought as well:
- A handle (really nice and sturdy).
- A magnetic fender (wow man, this is useful).
- And Float Plates V3 (this should protect well my one wheel).

The shipping was well protected.

If I was not completely ruined right now I wanted to buy a cobra or Kush Hi concave foot pad (or a Vega 11 Treaded in April), but I will not be able in a long time!! But totally worth it the money.
Good stuff.


I can’t even believe the customer service of this company!!! Exceptional is all I can say. Nick is extremely professional and he answered all my questions because I was getting Christmas gifts for my son who has the One Wheel XR. He returned my calls and texts in record time. I was blown away!!!!

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Craft my Ride!

Best m Craft and Ride makes great products and had great support.. CEO will answer any questions, awesome guy!
I've got an XR and so happy to add
Float Plates V3
Mag Fender
Tried OneTail classic (awesome)
Note using OneTail Extreme (Best!)

Great products!

There products are well made and crafty! Customer service is outstanding. Already contimplating my next purchase.

Excellent products, even better customer service

Great design with their products, in particular the magnetic fender. The customer service is top-notch and very accessible!

Burris :) is the best :)

very nice tire, after a few meters feel better than vega

Perfect customer support/love

We can’t rave about this company enough! Product and customer service is A+. Will buy from them again in a heart beat. Love!