TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+™ & XR

The Float Life

  • $20.00

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Ready to ship

TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+™ & XR is designed with intense Onewheel riding in mind. It is more coarse than our other grip tape options in order to be the ultimate option for riding on trails. TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+ & XR is the perfect medium between Vicious grip tape and regular skateboard grip tape.

Ready to equip:

TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+ & XR is cut to the exact specs of your stock Onewheel foot pads. Just peel and stick!


TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+ & XR is coarse enough to keep your feet locked in during intense trail rides, yet forgiving enough to allow for small foot adjustments.


IMPORTANT: If you would like to use this grip tape on your OneTail Classic, please select "Yes" under the Compatible with OneTail Classic drop down menu.

TFL Grip Tape is compatible with the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR. TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+ & XR is not compatible with the original Onewheel or OneTail+.

    This product comes with:

    • One set of TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel+™ & XR (2 pieces of grip tape, front and rear, for 1 Onewheel)
    • Craft&Ride Stickers

    Craft&Ride Loadouts:

    To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great fit, tight grip

    Tremendous upgrade in grip from the stock grip tape. After about 300 miles I had all but used up the stock grip tape. The TFL grip tape was just what I needed. The install was a piece of cake and I feel locked in tight with the new tape. When I wear this out I’ll go back to the TFL. 150 miles in and it shows no signs of wear. Couldn’t be more pleased with it.

    Good grip

    The surface itself has better grip than the original griptape/surface. Also very usefull that the whole area is covered with it. Easy to put on the board.

    Perfect fit

    Very noyyyyce grip tape

    My new favorite grip tape!!

    TFL nailed it with this grip tape! It’s grippier than the stock tape yet not too rough as the Vicious stuff that literally tore chunks of my skin off finger a couple of times. They all have their place though, Extreme off road and for tricks I’d imagine the Vicious is the way to go, I don’t really do tricks or do anything more than desert terrain and grass so I don’t need the Vicious stuff yet the Pro Ride is great but in certain situations found my foot slipping and losing a little confidence leaning too hard with the Pro Ride, cruising tho and for the most part I like it especially the cool designs they offer but The Float Life grip tape is the happy medium for me! Plenty of grip, Foot does not slip period but I can grab my board without dealing with ripping my skin off. It also looks good! I do wish I could swing the cost of having a pair of pads with Pro Ride and a pair of TFL equipped pads and switch back and forth but $300 in pads just for that convenience wont happen for me... Yeah it looks like my venture for the perfect texture is over. If and when I get a Pint to add to the fun, maybe I’ll have one board with one and the other but as of now, TFL grip tape it will be!

    Super grippy and stick to the board well

    If you don’t want traction pads, TFL is the way to go.

    TFL Grip Tape

    I used this grip tape to replace the original one wheel grip tape. This tape makes your feet feel secure and stable. Love it! Great Price too!

    TFL Grip Tape

    I should’ve done this a long time ago. Best grip tape!

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    Products to Australia

    Awesome service and even better shipping. 7 days from ordered to on my board in Australia.
    Thanks Craft & Ride.🤘👊👏

    Amazing customer service

    More than 5 stars. Excellent experience. Thank you.

    Item says it was in stock but wasn't

    Was never told the item I purchased was not in stock until a few days later when I noticed my shipping never moved out of CA. Not very good customer service.

    Sick rail gaurds

    Super fast and perfect fit

    Like buying from a local skateshop

    Great customer support. I ordered float plates and sidekicks for my new XR to get some protection before riding it. The float plates arrived but the sidekicks showed as delivered but were lost by USPS. I spent several days calling USPS to try and locate the sidekicks which they eventually found and delivered. During this time when I was trying to track down my sidekicks I had sent email updates to C&R and always received very prompt responses and felt assured they would do whatever it takes to make sure I received my gear. I ordered some other one wheel accessories from other sites in the past that never shipped or updated the order status and to make things worse they would also not respond to emails asking for an ETA, I am glad to have found C&R so I won't run into this problem again.