ExoSkin Elbow Pads for Onewheel™ by Triple 8

Triple 8

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It is extremely important that every rider wears safety gear when riding Onewheel. Craft&Ride has become an official dealer of Triple 8 products in order to ensure our customers are safe and have a variety of options to choose from when looking for the perfect safety gear.

Comfort and protection:

Elbow protection, evolved.

The lightweight, contoured, abrasion-resistant ExoSkin Elbow Pads are designed to flex and protect the Onewheel rider. They’re also great as a low profile pad.


  • High density 8-link™ foam padding for elbow caps
  • Exterior Kevlar® cover for maximum abrasion & tear resistance
  • Six padded pockets for key impact areas to the sides of the elbow
  • Perforated Neoprene body for breathability
  • Interior terry cloth lining for comfort & sweat absorption
  • Velcro® straps make for a custom fit
  • Contoured body for maximum comfort

    Perfect fit:

    To ensure a perfect elbow pad fit, measure circumference of extended elbow and match to the sizes listed below:

    S: 6 – 8 in (15.2 – 20.3 cm)
    M: 8 – 10 in (20.3 – 25.4 cm)
    L: 10 – 12 in (25.4 – 30.5 cm)

    This product comes with:

    • One pair of ExoSkin Elbow Pads in Black
    • Craft&Ride Stickers (Please leave an order note with which stickers you would specifically like and we will include them if they are in stock!)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    I just crashed in these things and decided I'd write a review. It wasn't a terrible crash, but I did superman onto pavement. These pads definitely prevented a lot of bruises. Looks like I'll be riding again soon!


    ExoSkin Elbow Pads for Onewheel™ by Triple 8

    Blue handle

    I love my 2 blue handles for my One Wheel XR. I have one on each side of my XR so if I lay it down on either side. It will protect my side rails.

    Pavement-Proven !

    At mile 39, my Onewheel and I, did a Nosedive.

    I had no time to react. I was slammed hard into the pavement.

    The sound of my helmet crashing into and sliding along the pavement was the scariest part of the crash. Always wear a helmet.

    The Triple 8 wrist guards saved my wrists, and palms, for sure. They have support the on top and bottom of the wrist. They are scraped up pretty bad--but better them than me. Injury to my elbows and knees was likely avoided with the ExoSkins looking at my clothes. I don't think that the Bumsaver shorts provided notable protection in this instance, but they may have minimized my road rash on my hip just above the waistline. I wear them for tailbone protection.

    The crash humbled me. But, I am back on the Onewheel! And, the smile on my face is as wide as ever.


    Awesome products!

    These elbow pad are excellent. Comfortable fit. And very nice Velcro straps to further adjust the fit. Well worth the $s.

    Solid pads.

    Work well. Provide enough protection without the bulk. Would recommend

    Great light weight pad for protection against non-epic scenarios

    Overall, very happy with fit and weight of these pads. The fit is a tight so I would recommend to shoot for one size up from what you may be accustomed to. Padding is good and build quality is good. More meant for general protection so if you plan on or expect hard crashes on your elbow maybe consider a hard pad. My speeds are minimal and any use is more for protecting against abrasion and bruises.

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