Trunksaver Trunk Stand for Onewheel™ (PREORDER: Shipping by the end of March)


  • $39.99

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The Trunksaver Trunk Stand for Onewheel™, by Landslide, is the most affordable stand for storing your Onewheel in the trunk of your vehicle. With its soft EVA foam construction, the Trunksaver Trunk Stand is one of the best solutions on the market for ensuring that your Onewheel does not tumble around your vehicle during transport.

No installation necessary:

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is made with soft EVA foam. There are no separate pieces and there is no installation necessary.

Easy to use:

Using the Trunksaver Trunk Stand is simple, fast, and easy. Place your Trunksaver Trunk Stand on the floor of your trunk. Next, center and slide your Onewheel into the grooves of the Trunksaver Trunk Stand. The combination of the weight of your Onewheel and the support provided by the Trunksaver Trunk Stand will ensure that your Onewheel remains completely stable during every trip.

Soft EVA Foam construction:

The Trunksaver is made with soft EVA foam, which protects against scratching from any sand and debris your Onewheel may have carried along from the trails. EVA foam also provides a high friction surface that grips the floor of your car’s trunk.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint Yes
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel Yes

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel+, and original Onewheel.

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is compatible with all aftermarket concave foot pads, all aftermarket fenders, Float Plates (excluding Float Plates Solo for Onewheel Pint), and Float Sidekicks.

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is not compatible with Rail Guards from Future Motion, but it is compatible with Float Sidekicks.

Make sure to choose your correct Onewheel model in the "Compatible Onewheel Model" drop down menu. If you have a Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, or the original Onewheel, please select "Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel+ or original Onewheel." If you have a Onewheel Pint, please select "Onewheel Pint."

This product comes with:

  • One Trunksaver Trunk Stand
  • Craft&Ride Stickers (Please leave an order note with which stickers you would specifically like and we will include them if they are in stock!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great product. Thank you craftnride.

Very stable car stand

I have never used any of the other car stands available, so I have no basis for comparison. I think this car stand is a great buy. It’s extremely stable. You have to really try to tip it over. Other than spinning donuts in a parking lot this thing isn’t rolling over. The only thing I’m not sure of is how thin it is in the center between the pads. I’d like to see it thicker in the center, because I’m afraid it could tear eventually. The center thickness is the only reason I did not give it five stars. Time will tell. Great car stand.

Amazing Tire

Love it!


Great product, my onewheel stick weel and my car.

Not 100% Convinced

Bought 3 of these. Somewhat disappointed that they are made out of very lightweight foam vs rubber. Fits XR with fender just fine, but Pint, fender, and float plate are no go! :(

Works like a champ.

It fits my OneWheel Pint perfectly and works exactly as it should by holding it still in the van when I drive around. Very happy with it.

Keeps your OW in place!

A staple if you travel with your OW in your trunk. Keeps it level and prevents it from rolling around!

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6303 reviews
USPS sucks

First off, I love C&R. All the products I’ve bought, have been great. Moreover, the service, is top notch. My only hope, is that some day soon, ya’ll can get away from using USPS, as your courier. I have no idea what the price difference would be, but it’s sad that such a great company, might catch heat for the shipping being so awful.

Outstanding customer service

Recently broke my fender and sent photos to Craft and Ride, and they immediately helped me resolve the issue. Nick is easily contactable and accessible, and the company is exceptional in its response to its customers. Could not recommend this company enough, regardless of what product you are considering, this company is the best of the best for this growing industry.

two thumbs UP!!

I contacted Nick, and he understood my mistake that I made from not alight the rail protection correctly.
he listen to my issue and gave me good recommendation and he even willing to ship out a new pair for free for the mistake I caused.

This is the company willing to do what ever it take to satisfy your need.(happiness)


Produits de qualité
Tarifs et frais de port très corrects
Et service client impeccable.
Zéro défauts
RAS. 😁

#61127 carbon mag fender

Brilliant product and great customer customer service. It looks cool too.