Trunksaver Trunk Stand for Onewheel™


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The Trunksaver Trunk Stand for Onewheel™, by Landslide, is the most affordable stand for storing your Onewheel in the trunk of your vehicle. With its soft EVA foam construction, the Trunksaver Trunk Stand is one of the best solutions on the market for ensuring that your Onewheel does not tumble around your vehicle during transport.

No installation necessary:

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is made with soft EVA foam. There are no separate pieces and there is no installation necessary.

Easy to use:

Using the Trunksaver Trunk Stand is simple, fast, and easy. Place your Trunksaver Trunk Stand on the floor of your trunk. Next, center and slide your Onewheel into the grooves of the Trunksaver Trunk Stand. The combination of the weight of your Onewheel and the support provided by the Trunksaver Trunk Stand will ensure that your Onewheel remains completely stable during every trip.

Soft EVA Foam construction:

The Trunksaver is made with soft EVA foam, which protects against scratching from any sand and debris your Onewheel may have carried along from the trails. EVA foam also provides a high friction surface that grips the floor of your car’s trunk.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint Yes
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel Yes

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, Onewheel+, and original Onewheel.

The Trunksaver Trunk Stand is compatible with all aftermarket concave foot pads, all aftermarket fenders, Float Plates, and Float Sidekicks.

Make sure to choose your correct Onewheel model in the "Compatible Onewheel Model" drop down menu. If you have a Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel+, or the original Onewheel, please select "Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel+ or original Onewheel." If you have a Onewheel Pint, please select "Onewheel Pint."

This product comes with:

  • One Trunksaver Trunk Stand
  • Craft&Ride Stickers (Please leave an order note with which stickers you would specifically like and we will include them if they are in stock!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Super satisfied

So worth it to transport in the truck

I'm so glad I bought the trunk saver for my XR. So far it's protected my trunk and XR as I transport it in my car. Simple and works!

Must have for trunk

Tired of your Onewheel flying around in your trunk as you flee the city towards your favorite trail? Well then you need these trunksavers - these work great.

Works exactly how described

Seems a little pricy for what it is, but it works exactly the way I imagined it would. Wouldn't want to transport my OW in a car without one.

Trunk saver

I bought my onewheel I didnt really see the need for the trunk saver. The first trip it was rolling around my trunk. Ok, I'll just put them behind the passenger seat. That ended up damaging the rear footpad on my xr. Ok, I've seen people use a milk crate cut with slots. I can do that. I did that. It also damaged the footpad on my xr. Looks like I need the trunk saver. I got it and I now my onewheels are secure in my car while traveling. Don't hesitate to buy these. I only regret waiting so long to get them. Fits my xr perfectly. It will not fit if you have the fender delete.


Trunksaver Trunk Stand for Onewheel™

works great!

I had my doubts but this thing holds your board very easily in your truck or hatch, and the price is right

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Experienced rider know C&R for a reason

For those that care, I got my first OW in late September 2019 and have over 2000 miles between two (One 4212 and one 4210 CBXR).

If you are not buying your secondary parts from C&R, frankly, you're doing it wrong.

If you don't have their fast charger, you're doing it wrong.

Have you water-proofed your battery compartment? Do you have a water shield over your power button?

If you love OW, get deep in their store and learn ecerying C&R has to offer. It's incredible.

This is the highest level after market support I've ever seen. Thank you for making owning a OW easy.

(I just looked, and while I wrote this my battery charged over 30%

Donnie Sharp
OW Detroit

so good that it's unbelievable

Nick and his crew are undoubtely the best store to buy onewheel accessories from, the customer service is out of this world and the products and shipping are always top notch. If i ever need anything for my Onewheel, Craft and Ride is the first place i check

Love it

Love my new board and am really glad I researched before buying all FM accessories. Ordered at like 10pm and already had a shipping confirmation at like 2am (my time). Showed up a few days later with a lovely handwritten note on the packing slip! My only complaint is the green for the magnetic fender and the green for the rail guards aren't the same shade so it's a little weird. I plan on putting stickers on my fender so it's not a huge issue. I plan on continue buying accessories from here in the future.

Consistent great experiences

Nick and his crew are the best of the best ! Keep up the good work guys! Thanks you very much !

Had Just what I needed

Not only did the item ship the next day I ordered it (around 10 PM) but it arived in about 3 buissness days! deffentaly worth the extra shipping cost! after I had worn down the factory tire I knew I needed a replacment one. after a quick google search I found C&R and got the treaded tire and it fits like a glove! I could not be more happy! even the hand written note on the packing slip gave the entire experence that extra push! overall extreamly satisifed!