Craft&Ride® Father's Day Buying Guide 2023

Here are the most popular Onewheel accessories at Craft&Ride for Father's Day.

If you want to take your Father's Day gift to the next level, check out our Father's Day bundles below. We've curated exclusive bundles that combine the most frequently purchased accessories together to save you time and money.

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1. Magnetic Fender

The fender is one of the most essential accessories for Onewheel because it protects the rider and the surface of the Onewheel from water and debris that may be projected upward by the tire. The rider will never have to worry about getting their shoes and pants dirty ever again, and they will also remain safe from injuries caused by debris propelled upward by their tire. The rider will receive full wheel coverage with the Craft&Ride Spectrum Magnetic Fender.

2. Rail Guards

The Onewheel has aluminum rails that are prone to scratches and other forms of damage from everyday riding that can be prevented with Craft&Ride Rail Guards.

3. Concave Foot Pad

The concave foot pad is one of the best gifts for more experienced riders (and new riders) that are looking to upgrade their comfort and control. The Air Pad Concave Foot Pad features our new patent pending Gel-Technology which combines the introduction of an aluminum reinforced interior with the most cushioned gel composition ever felt in a foot pad for Onewheel. This unique fusion reduces foot fatigue, dampens vibration, increases comfort, strengthens the durable structure of the Air Pad’s most desirable concave shape for responsiveness, and ensures elastic memory.

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