Greyson rides a Onewheel

  • By Nick Vitale

Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Greyson, the Blue Nose Pitbull dog, has taken the world by storm on his Onewheel. He and his owner, James, ride every day throughout their town in Florida. Greyson leaves every passerby in awe as he swiftly carves throughout his environment with ease. James taught Greyson how to ride at a young age and the two have been going viral all over social media ever since.


What is a Onewheel?

The Onewheel is a self-balancing electric vehicle that has a single wheel in the middle and foot pads for the rider to stand on. The Onewheel uses an advanced combination of intelligent software and robust hardware to allow the user to engage, balance, and ride the Onewheel as they desire. The Onewheel monitors the rider's movements and constantly works to help the rider balance.


The Onewheel is used by hundreds of thousands of riders worldwide for leisure, travel, and even competitive sport. The Onewheel is designed and assembled in the USA by Future Motion, Inc., and is available to purchase now in four different models. Greyson currently rides a Onewheel GT.

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What is Craft&Ride?

Craft&Ride is the world leader in premium aftermarket parts and accessories that enhance the experience of the Onewheel through personalized aesthetics and elevated performance.


Craft&Ride has over 100,000+ happy Onewheel riders, including Greyson, using Craft&Ride accessories across 100+ countries around the world. Greyson rides with Craft&Ride accessories like the Magnetic Fender to protect himself from the wheel, dirt, and debris while riding.

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The Onewheel is not designed for use by animals. Greyson is trained professionally and his actions should not be recreated. Craft&Ride LLC does not recommend attempting the actions depicted in the videos of Greyson.


Craft&Ride LLC is not affiliated with Future Motion, Inc.


Greyson is sponsored by Craft&Ride LLC.


Nick Vitale is the Co-Founder & CEO of Craft&Ride LLC.