Share Your Craft&Ride® Accessories On Social Media for $25 Store Credit

Here's how to make $25 in store credit:

Find this yellow card in your order and follow the instructions below.

Craft&Ride Share Card Craft&Ride Share Card

Post a picture or video of your order on social media including:

  1. Your new Craft&Ride accessories
  2. Your Onewheel
  3. The front of the yellow card with our logo

Share your experience and tag @craftandride #craftandride in your post and we will message you with a $25 store credit code! You can also email us with a link to your post to expedite the process of receiving your $25 store credit code.

Here are the best places to post online. You only need to post once, but posts on multiple social networks are greatly appreciated.

It would mean the world to us if you shared your accessories and experience on social media. It really helps other riders discover all we have to offer. Thank you so much!