Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing for Onewheel™ (PREORDER: Shipping in mid April)

Burris Racing

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PLEASE NOTE: The Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing is not shipping until the middle of April.

The Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing (2RS 35mm x 55mm x 10mm) for Onewheel™ is the ultimate bearing replacement for your Onewheel. Swap out your stock Onewheel bearing for the Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing for a fresh ride.

IMPORTANT: To replace both bearings of your Onewheel, you will need to purchase 2 Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearings.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint Yes
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel No

Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearings are compatible with the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, and Onewheel+. Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearings are not compatible with the Original Onewheel.

This product comes with:

  • One Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing for Onewheel™
  • Burris and Craft&Ride Stickers

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

MY board feels better than brand new


I had my bearings changed on my Pint a week ago. The Tire Sire in Chicago did the change and told me the OG bearings were extremely rusted and only had a couple more miles left in them before they would have failed. Before the change, the wheel was super loud when free spinning it with the power off...After the change, it is very quiet. I highly recommend the Burris bearings. It's like riding a new board again.

Get a set

Love these bearings. get a set, you won’t be disappointed.


Smooth action, easy to install. They're bearings.

I love my new Burris bearings!

I love these new bearings,they make my one wheel feel a lot smoother and it picks up speed a noticeably faster.

Great Product, straight forward installation!

My bearings came quickly and were a straight forward install! Awesome company with incredible customer service!

Silky Smooth

So i decided to try these after 1400 miles on my board and they make it feel nice and new again. Old bearing weren't terrible but you can sure tell the difference once you put the new ones in. Plus you get what you pay for in the bearing world! Install Is a little interesting, but if you have a press makes sure makes removal and installation night and day. The other thing is you have to give your bearings time to break in. I am about 70 miles since i put new bearings and new Burris Treaded Tire on and it just seems to me like it is getting smoother. I also noticed my mileage has gone up a bit. Overall worth every penny. It will be interesting to see how long they last vs the stock ones cause i got 1400 miles out of those junkers. I guess it just depends on everyone's riding style. Also super fast shipping!
Thanks Again Craft&Ride

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