Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit for Super73® (PREORDER: Shipping in February)


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PLEASE NOTE: This is a preorder for the Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit for Super73®. Your kit is expected to ship by the end of February or sooner. Orders are shipped in the order that they are received! Order now and receive your kit sooner rather than later.

We are excited to introduce the Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit for Super73! Take your Super73 to the next level with our kit.


The Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is one of the most important accessories for your Super73 because it protects you from water and debris that may be projected upward by your tires. You will also remain safe from injuries caused by debris propelled upward by your tires.

Full coverage:

Our fender kit features an extended rear fender that eliminates the spray of water and mud from your rear tire to your back. You receive full tire coverage with the Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit.


The refreshing design of the Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is complete with aggressive lines to take your Super73 to the next level.


With the finest quality of carbon fiber weave and a vacuum molded construction, our kit exhibits a strength far superior to other materials. In combination with resin to form a composite, our kit maintains an extremely light weight whilst exhibiting an exceptionally rigid structure.

Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fenders are the strongest fenders for Super73 bikes.

Premium hardware included:

The Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is built to outlast every environment and riding style with stainless steel black oxide hardware and anodized black, tumbled aluminum bracketry.

Premium tools included:

We built this kit from the ground up to ensure that you will have everything you need to install your Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fenders. Our kit includes all fenders, all hardware, all bracketry, and all tools necessary to complete the installation of our Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit on your Super73 bike.


Model Compatible
Super73-OG Yes
Super73-Z1 (Z)
Super73-R No
Super73-RX No

IMPORTANT: Make sure to select your correct Super73 model in the "Compatible Super73 Model" dropdown menu above to ensure that your Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is compatible with your bike.

The Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is compatible with the Super73-OG, Super73-S2, Super73-S1, and Super73-Z1 (Z). The Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit is not compatible with the Super73-R and Super73-RX. Contact us to be notified of the release of the Super73-R and Super73-RX compatible kit.

The Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Fender Kit for the Super73-S2 does not come with bracketry for the extended rear fender. You will need to use the stock bracketry provided with the stock rear fender to install our extended rear fender on the Super73-S2.


This product comes with:

  • One Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • One Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Middle Fender
  • One Craft&Ride Carbon Fiber Extended Rear Fender
  • Stainless Steel Black Oxide Nuts and Bolts
  • Anodized Black Tumbled Aluminum Bracketry (not included for Super73-S2, stock bracketry will be used)
  • Crescent Wrench and Hex Keys
  • Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride is not affiliated with Super73.

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