OneTail Extreme Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel™


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OneTail Extreme is the newest addition to Craft&Ride's lineup of concave foot pads for Onewheel™. It is the product of 2 years of constant development. Craft&Ride has continuously improved the OneTail line through iterations of the OneTail+ and OneTail Classic. The culmination of this constant development and series of improvements has now been packaged into Craft&Ride's ultimate foot pad, the OneTail Extreme.
The OneTail Extreme replaces the existing flat rear stock foot pad with a concave foot pad. OneTail Extreme is only for the rear foot pad of the Onewheel.

Extreme concave:

The OneTail Extreme has 2X the concave of all other concave foot pads on the market. Not only does the OneTail Extreme have the most side-to-side concave out of all foot pads, it also has the perfect amount of kick to keep your foot locked in during every ride. We've also designed a heel pocket at the edge of the foot pad between the side and kick to rest your heel into while you ride.

If you want to unlock the most concave possible with OneTail Extreme, leave an order note asking for the OneTail Extreme without the Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip. If you leave this note, your OneTail Extreme will be equipped with OneTail Extreme Grip Tape without the cushion of Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip.

Extreme comfort:

The OneTail Extreme is equipped with the all new Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip. With this new addition, in combination with the OneTail Extreme's concave shape, the OneTail Extreme relieves foot fatigue and absorbs impact from your most intense rides. Your foot rests comfortably in OneTail Extreme's spoon-like pocket and is supported by the cushion of Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip. Craft&Ride's fusion of Jessup Grip Tape and cushion is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. It is the best of both worlds.

Extreme control:

The OneTail Extreme introduces a level of control and responsiveness that will change your Onewheel experience forever. The combination of extreme side-to-side concave and kick creates a newfound control that will change the way riders push the Onewheel sport forward with OneTail Extreme. Your foot will be locked into OneTail Extreme's pocket and you will be in control of your Onewheel like never before!


The OneTail Extreme is designed with the Flight Fender and Flight Fins in mind! The OneTail Extreme has the most side-to-side concave inside the Flight Fins footing region. There is no other foot pad on the market that benefits Flight Fins riders like the OneTail Extreme.

The OneTail Extreme is available in 2 versions.

The first version is compatible with all fenders (including all Craft&Ride fenders), except the Flight Fender. This version is not compatible with the Flight Fender. To purchase this version of the OneTail Extreme, select "Compatible with Flight Fender: No."

The second version is compatible with all fenders (including all Craft&Ride fenders) and the Flight Fender. This version is compatible with the Flight Fender. To purchase this version of the OneTail Extreme, select "Compatible with Flight Fender: Yes."

The OneTail Extreme is compatible with the Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR - it is not compatible with the first version of the Onewheel. The OneTail Extreme is compatible with the first version (V1) of the Onewheel if you have Onewheel+ bumpers installed.

How it's made:

Every OneTail Extreme features unique hard maple wood that is pressed, CNC’d, hand-beveled, stained, and sealed in our California factory. Every OneTail Extreme is completed with our Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip - And we didn’t forget about the rest of your Onewheel. Every OneTail Extreme comes with a piece of grip tape for your front foot pad! Now your Onewheel is completely regripped.

This product comes with:

  • One fully gripped OneTail Extreme with Craft&Ride Cushioned Grip
  • One piece of high grit laser cut grip tape for your front foot pad
  • Installation hardware - One hex key and four longer hex bolts
  • Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

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Sollte Serie werden 😊

Get yourself some tail!

Best Onewheel accessory out there, so much added maneuverability and love how perfect it fits around my flight fins, also an excellent touch tossing in that fresh grip tape for the front pad. Well worth h the preorder

Feels so good under the foot!

This footpad is incredible. It has a nice deep concave that really locks your foot in place for that added control and comfort. It has a nice lip at the end to help keep your foot from sliding off when your riding hard. Great product!

Better control

Install is a piece of cake. I have only ridden 5-10 miles on the new pad, but immediately I feel like I have more control of the board. As far as comfort, it is not a drastic change, but it definitely allows for more options on foot placement to find your comfort zone. Glad i made the purchase and recommend the extreme concave pad for everyone.

Game Changer for the OW

The OneTail Extreme Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel is on another level. I am 100% in more control than the standard foot pad & I literally get zero foot fatigue on my long runs anymore. Thanks so much for making this product!!!

Awesome upgrade

Game changer as far as comfort goes

Amazing product check out this video for the review

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Awesome service and even better shipping. 7 days from ordered to on my board in Australia.
Thanks Craft & Ride.🤘👊👏

Amazing customer service

More than 5 stars. Excellent experience. Thank you.

Item says it was in stock but wasn't

Was never told the item I purchased was not in stock until a few days later when I noticed my shipping never moved out of CA. Not very good customer service.

Sick rail gaurds

Super fast and perfect fit

Like buying from a local skateshop

Great customer support. I ordered float plates and sidekicks for my new XR to get some protection before riding it. The float plates arrived but the sidekicks showed as delivered but were lost by USPS. I spent several days calling USPS to try and locate the sidekicks which they eventually found and delivered. During this time when I was trying to track down my sidekicks I had sent email updates to C&R and always received very prompt responses and felt assured they would do whatever it takes to make sure I received my gear. I ordered some other one wheel accessories from other sites in the past that never shipped or updated the order status and to make things worse they would also not respond to emails asking for an ETA, I am glad to have found C&R so I won't run into this problem again.