OneTail+ Extended Concave Foot Pad for Onewheel™


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Craft&Ride has designed and manufactured the three most essential concave foot pads for Onewheel. If you prefer the length of the stock Onewheel foot pad and the benefits of Craft&Ride's concave design, OneTail Classic and OneTail Extreme are for you. If you prefer an extended length for a wider stance, OneTail+ is for you.

The OneTail+ makes an incredible experience even better by replacing the existing flat rear stock foot pad with an extended concave foot pad. The OneTail+ is only designed to replace the rear stock foot pad of the Onewheel, not the front stock foot pad.

Extended length:

The OneTail+ is the only foot pad on the market that extends the length of the rear foot pad by 1.5". This unique feature is widely beloved by taller riders and riders with larger feet because it increases the surface area of the rear foot pad, giving you more space to enjoy what you love. As a result of this widened stance, the OneTail+ also increases the stability of your ride.

Medium concave:

The OneTail+ is the mellow version of the OneTail Extreme, but with an extended kick. It has a slightly less aggressive concave shape and kick compared to the OneTail Extreme. It is the sweet spot between the OneTail Extreme and the stock foot pad for many riders who enjoy adjusting their feet while riding relaxed. The OneTail+ has the same concave shape as the OneTail Classic, but with an extended kick.

Extreme comfort:

The OneTail+ is equipped with our all new Craft&Ride Grip Tape. With this new addition, in combination with the OneTail+'s concave shape, the OneTail+ relieves foot fatigue by allowing your foot to work less and ride more. Your toes and heel now do all of the work against the concave shape of the OneTail+, not your entire foot and leg. This relieves the foot fatigue you experience with the stock foot pad. 

Carve (ride in an S-shape trajectory) with your OneTail+ for the greatest reduction in foot fatigue. Your foot rests comfortably in the OneTail+'s spoon-like pocket and is supported by the low grit of Craft&Ride Grip Tape.

Extreme control: 

The OneTail+ introduces a level of control and responsiveness that will change your experience forever. The combination of Craft&Ride Grip Tape, medium side-to-side concave, and extended kick creates a newfound control that will change the way riders push the Onewheel sport forward. Your foot will be locked into the OneTail+'s pocket and you will be in control of your Onewheel like never before!

Craft&Ride Grip Tape:

The OneTail+ is equipped with Craft&Ride Grip Tape. Craft&Ride Grip Tape is in a league of its own. With our low grit proprietary formula, we've perfectly spaced rock-like granules to provide just the right amount of space for the grooves of your shoes to stay locked in, without sacrificing the ability to adjust your feet. Our low grit design is everything you need beneath your feet. Read more about Craft&Ride Grip Tape here.

How it's made:

Every OneTail+ features unique hard maple wood that is pressed, CNC’d, hand-beveled, stained, and sealed in our California factory. Every OneTail+ is completed with our Craft&Ride Grip Tape, and we didn’t forget about the rest of your Onewheel. Every OneTail+ comes with an extra piece of Craft&Ride Grip Tape for your front foot pad! Now your entire Onewheel is freshly gripped.


Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint No
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel No*

This OneTail+ Extended Concave Foot Pad is compatible with the Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel+. The Onewheel Pint compatible version of the OneTail+ is available here.

*The OneTail+ Extended Concave Foot Pad is compatible with the original Onewheel if you have Onewheel+ bumpers installed.

The OneTail+ is designed with the Flight Fender and Flight Fins in mind!

The OneTail+ is available in 2 versions.

The first version is compatible with all fenders (including all Craft&Ride fenders), except the Flight Fender. This version is not compatible with the Flight Fender. To purchase this version of the OneTail+, select "Compatible with Flight Fender: No."

The second version is compatible with all fenders (including all Craft&Ride fenders) and the Flight Fender. This version is compatible with the Flight Fender. To purchase this version of the OneTail+, select "Compatible with Flight Fender: Yes."

This product comes with:

  • One OneTail+ equipped with Craft&Ride Grip Tape
  • One piece of Craft&Ride Grip Tape for your front foot pad
  • Installation hardware
  • Craft&Ride Stickers (Please leave an order note with which stickers you would specifically like and we will include them if they are in stock!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews

i'm weary of dropping off curbs or doing extreme offroading since it sticks out, but the control is incredible. hitting cracks in the pavement no longer gives me anxiety and there is way less wobble with the wider stance

Yeti Life Saver

Great Add on for Us big foots in the wild this helped bone get a more locked in feel and allowed my sz 15s to stay locked in really helped my Plus get a XL feel for a bigger rider

Best anniversary gift ever!

My husband loves his Onewheel- I got him the OneTail+Extended Concave Pad as an anniversary present and he’s super stoked! I was really pleased to see that you guys threw in a new grip pad for the front also, his Onewheel looks brand new now!

Onetail + extended footpad

Being a new rider, I experienced severe hip, leg, knee and foot pain. As soon as I installed the onetail +extended footpad on my xr, my pain disappeared. My rides became enjoyable, I loved it. BUT, I heard so many things about the Kush hi, I decided to buy it. After riding my onetail for about two weeks, my Kush hi arrived. I was so happy to try it. Of course my proride traction pads arrived at the same time. Yaaaay! I installed the traction pads on the board and the Kush hi. Went for a float, and immediately put the onetail back on. I love the way it feels. The grip tape that comes with it is very good. After almost a month, I'm loving the onetail + extended. So much so I've got a onetail extreme coming. Can't wait to see how that compares. Craft & Ride has amazing products and the best customer service I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Great for big guys

I'm a pretty big dude, clocking in at 6'2, 240 lbs with a size 13 shoe. Given that, this pad is perfect for me. It's incredibly sturdy and the extra length allows my large foot to fit entirely on it for better balance. Great purchase

Mandatory accessory!!!

Between my Onetail Classic and magnetic fender, the fun and comfort value of my XR is doubled. I slammed down 500 mi in 4 mos and was finally accepting foot fatigue, before scooping up the Onetail Classic. Now I feel like I'm floating on a cloud. Absolute game changer.

Trail riding is even more amazing

Foot stays in position significantly better and have more control while maneuvering around and over obstacles on the trail

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Had Just what I needed

Not only did the item ship the next day I ordered it (around 10 PM) but it arived in about 3 buissness days! deffentaly worth the extra shipping cost! after I had worn down the factory tire I knew I needed a replacment one. after a quick google search I found C&R and got the treaded tire and it fits like a glove! I could not be more happy! even the hand written note on the packing slip gave the entire experence that extra push! overall extreamly satisifed!

Blem Fender

Picked up a black blem fender. Far exceeded expectations! I would go as far as to say it was near perfect condition. Great communication! I will be back for more onewheel items!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The people here at Craft&Ride are incredible. Never have I had a better experience when purchasing anything online. Their customer service is compared to none. Thank you Nick and Mike for everything that you do. I'm one more person enjoying my ride because of you. Keep the stoke coming. ✌🏻🤙🏻

Faster than my one wheel

These guys get your product out fast 🚀so your up and riding right away. Phantastic company

Thank you 😀 good people

The grip

sticky shit i’ve ever rode on will be back for more asap