ProRide Traction Pads for Onewheel™


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Ready to ship

ProRide Traction Pads, by ProRide USA, make an incredible experience even better by introducing surf style grip to the Onewheel™. ProRide's Traction Pad system is the original surf style grip for the Onewheel and the perfect combination of comfort and function for the foot pads of your Onewheel.

Comfort and control:

ProRide Traction Pads are unique because they introduce the most cushioned and comfortable feel to the foot pads of your Onewheel. The combination between the soft feel of the surf style foam and diamond grip design is the ultimate fusion of comfort and control. Whether you're barefoot or riding with shoes, ProRide Traction Pads are designed and tested to relieve foot fatigue without compromising performance.

The rear pad utilizes a large kick at the end of the tail to encourage better board control, allowing you to rip aggressive turns.

Ready to equip:

ProRide Tractions Pads are cut to the exact specs of your Onewheel+ stock foot pads, Onewheel+ XR stock foot pads, OneTail+, Cobra Pad, and Kush Pad. ProRide Traction Pads install just like grip tape onto your foot pad. Just peel and stick!


  • Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Green, and Pink
  • Lightweight Diamond Grip Foam
  • 20mm Rear Kick with Beveled Corners
  • 3M High Grade Adhesive
  • Soft Comfortable Ride


IMPORTANT: If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with stock foot pad, please select "Stock Foot Pad" on the "Compatible Foot Pad" drop down menu before adding this item to cart.

If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with the OneTail+, please select "OneTail+" on the "Compatible Foot Pad" drop down menu before adding this item to cart.

If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with the Cobra Pad, please select "Cobra Pad" on the "Compatible Foot Pad" drop down menu before adding this item to cart.

If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with the Kush Pad, please select "Kush Pad" on the "Compatible Foot Pad" drop down menu before adding this item to cart.

If you would like your rear ProRide Traction Pad to be compatible with the OneTail Classic or OneTail Extreme (non-Flight Fender compatible version), please select "Stock Foot Pad" on the "Compatible Foot Pad" drop down menu before adding this item to cart. You will need to trim the edge of the rear ProRide Traction Pad with scissors to be compatible with the fender channel of these foot pads.

Model Compatible
Onewheel+ XR Yes
Onewheel Pint No
Onewheel+ Yes
Original Onewheel No*

ProRide Traction Pads are compatible with the Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel+. ProRide Traction Pads are not compatible with the Onewheel Pint or original Onewheel.

*ProRide Traction Pads are not cut specifically for the original Onewheel's stock foot pads, but they will fit on top of the foot pads if you would like to use them.

COMING SOON: ProRide Traction Pads for the Onewheel Pint are coming soon. To be notified of the release of a ProRide Traction Pads for the Onewheel Pint, please contact us here or join our mailing list at the bottom of our website.

No kick:

ProRide is manufacturing a limited amount of pads with no kick on the rear foot pad for concave foot pads. This option is currently only available for the Kush Pad. If you would like your ProRide Traction Pads for the Kush Pad without the rear kick, select the color option including "(No Kick)."

This product comes with:

  • One set of ProRide Traction Pads (2 pads, front and rear, for 1 Onewheel)
  • Installation and Removal Instructions
  • ProRide and Craft&Ride Stickers

Craft&Ride Loadouts:

To better provide you with customization ideas and new perspectives of our accessories, we've created a page called Craft&Ride Loadouts! Check out complete Onewheel builds here for inspiration and leave a suggestion for future Craft&Ride Loadouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Another Testimony!!!

These traction pads are the real deal!!!! They have helped CONSIDERABLY with foot fatigue. I have flat feet and my feet would cramp up after a mile and a half or so on the stock foot pads. With these I've been able to ride 3 times longer+ before having to take a short break. Grip is great & just like other reviews have said, it's a lot easier to adjust foot positioning and despite that grip is still plentiful enough. The lip on the back helps with adding confidence when dropping off of curbs which is no issue with the extra cushioning provided. I really hope the gray rising sun traction pads become available for the OG Kush Pad! I'll definitely buy a matching set if so😎👍

Pro ride traction pads !

Super comfy. Perfect fit. Fast shipping. Relieves foot cramping


ProRide Traction Pads for Onewheel™

Really reassures your feet!

Love these pads so much! My roommate has two XR’s and has ProRide traction pads on only one board at the moment and it is night and day difference from the other board. I constantly feel my foot slipping on the board with stock grip tape, but never slips at all on the ProRide pads. He ordered a second pair for the other board, and I ordered I set for my Pint that’s suppose to arrive on Monday. I will have to cut the pads to fit, because Pint pads aren’t available yet. But will be well worth the trouble once they’re on the board. Can’t imagine riding without them now that I’ve experienced them. The kickback really locks your back foot in too for a very secure feel. Foot slips are a thing of the past with these. Can’t wait till they come out with Pint models! Fingers crossed for an Orange rising sun!

Proride traction pads

Arrived pretty quick. It was super easy to install. Now my whip looks hella tiiight. Not much else to say. Great upgrade.



Rising sun

I've ordered black ones before now I've got the rising Sun footpads running black they look really cool and I'm very happy with the quality of the material feels good on my bare feet when I'm writing my OW down the street

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Great people to work with.

Really just a great business. They have a lot of respect for their customers and are quick to respond to questions. I ordered some XR float plates recently and found the kit needed some longer screws for the front plate. A quick email to craftandride and they had me the parts I needed in my hand, at no cost to me, in only a couple days (I live all the way on the East Coast). Always recommend them.

A+++ Company

In a age where it seems its always profit over customers its refreshing to see a company doing it different being able to call a CEO and have hime explain in-depth about his products was awesome. I just got the last of my order yesterday and got to say BYE VEGA this new Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire is such a great upgrade feel so much safer.Float Plates V3 for Onewheel is a must have .ProRide Traction Pads for Onewheel looks and feels great and they even installed for me on my OneTail Extreme Concave Foot Pad before shipping out and night riding got even more safe with Float Sidekicks HD Heavy Duty Rail Protection and its high reflected so you can be seen at night. thank you y'all have a customer for life

V3 float plates

This bottom protection available for the XR


Great product, service, and timing. All around awesome

Hoosier treaded 5.5

As in the product description this will turn your onewheel into a carving machine. Holds a wicked edge when traversing on grass and dirt tracks and can turn down slope on a dime just like your dropping into a fresh line. Give it a few miles to get use to it but once you do you will see the performance this tyre can give your ride. Down side is the lose of a bit of ground clearance so I removed my front float plate as I don't hop kerbs.